Message from NOSHE 2018 President

As we continue our healthcare journey during 2018, there is much to be excited about and much in which to keep apprised.

Message to Healthcare Members & Operators:

There are so many challenges that await us as we walk in the door of our healthcare facilities – namely:
LS 02.01.35 EP 4 & 14 - Are the fire suppression systems going to work? Is anything blocking fire extinguishers?
EC 02.05.01 EP15 - Are the OR’s passing right now? Are they positive? Have we maintained a safe environment for our patients and caregivers?
LS 02.01.10 EP 14 - Have contractors properly fireproofed barrier penetrations as they poke holes in the walls, floors and ceilings?

Is our PM program robust and is it working? Are we completing demand work orders in a reasonable timeframe? How does the P&L look? Are we holding to budget? What about capital projects? Have we identified them and are we working to replace critical equipment that is beyond its useful life?

And, finally, the political demands of the job – are we addressing concerns diplomatically yet pragmatically? Well guess what? You are not alone! In fact, that’s why we are members of our fine organization – to collaborate amongst our peers and find ways to better manage our facilities while easing our daily anxieties.

Message to Affiliate Members:

Healthcare operators rely on our network of vendors, suppliers and contractors to support our needs and our missions to better manage our facilities. A blue-chip vendor, supplier, and contractor is an integral part of an operator’s team. You are part of the FM team - perhaps an extension of an operator’s team. The role you play as a vendor/supplier/contractor is incredibly important. I like to say that we are only as good as the experts that are on our teams. This is a relationship business – operators rely on you in critical moments and we become like family over time.

Industry News

CMS – Continues to press (rightfully) for strict adherence to EOC and LS codes
TJC – expect to see a survey teams months in advance of your expected triannual month
Hospitals – Each Physical Address = Min. 2 Life Safety Code Surveyors days
1,000,000 – 1,500,000 3 LSCS Days (this is new)
Legionella policy and procedures based on ASHRE 188

FGI – 2018 guidelines are being readied for publication. At the end of the 2014 Cycle, the FGI Board undertook two Colloquiums focused on the future of Healthcare and the Guidelines.

  1. Envisioning the range of health care environments and trends that may emerge by 2026, and
  2. Helping FGI lay out a roadmap of the steps we need to take to stay relevant over that time period.

• Split the standard into 2 parts
Fundamental Requirements – Minimum/Baseline standards that can be adopted as code by AHJ's

Beyond Fundamentals – Emerging Practices that exceed basic requirements
• Focus on primary care/outpatient facilities for the coming revision cycle as the trend in health care delivery is continuing to move in that direction

Our New Mission Statement

NOSHE was established in 2008 as an extension of ASHE to reach the NE Ohio Healthcare Engineers.

NOSHE's goal is to...

Be the advocate and resource for continuous improvement in the healthcare engineering and facility management professions through educational and networking opportunities.

NOSHE's Mission is to...

Provide educational opportunities and networking experiences that will promote innovation and support for healthcare industry professionals in the built environment.

Final Thoughts

Many thanks to David McCoy and the board members for making my transition to president so seamless. Also, to the healthcare and associate members, I am very grateful for your participation in the many programs end social events available to you. Your support does not go unnoticed, your level of participation is fascinating, and our reception of the Platinum Award from AHSE for 2017 is proof of the vibrancy of our organization.

"THANK YOU" to all that helped make the 2018 Annual NOSHE Conference a success!

Robert J. Davenport
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